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The gypsy trio PIROSKA

The gypsy band PIROSKA specialises in musically entertaining cocktail parties, marriages, dinner parties, anniversary’s, gatherings of all kinds, funerals,  …
The musicians play their music amidst the audience or among the tables at a banquet. By doing so they easily grant musical requests and favourite melodies of the guests.
Different kinds of musical styles are played, Slavic, Hungarian and Rumanian folk music, Viennese waltzes, tangos, French chanson, musical & film melodies, hot jazz, evergreens …


  • De basic line-up  consists of three musicians: violin, accordeon and double bass.
  • Other possibilities are: duo, quintet, violin solo …
    To the trio can be added: a cimbalist and/ or a guitarist. Other possible instruments are: piano, klarinet, …
  • For those in favour of the Hot Club de France style of Django Reinhardt & Stéphana Grappelli, there is our Gypsy Jazz band AMARO SWING.

Without amplification (or with)

PIROSKA trio performs without any amplification so the music is never too loud and people can still hear themselves talk. Because the musicians keep moving about amongst the gathered guests, everyone is able to enjoy the music from nearby and express their musical wishes.
If necessary, the instruments can be amplified with a wireless sound system, the advantage being that while the musicians maintain their mobility they can now be heard in a much larger broader space radius.

Concerts & podium performances, marriage church masses, funerals

The gypsy trio PIROSKA can also be booked for concerts on stage, marriage masses and funerals. We will play the repertoire of your choice. 

The origin of the band

Nick, the violinist who started the band plays the violin since he was 7 years old.
“As a child I got acquainted with a family of Hungarian gypsy musicians. When I was 9 years old I played along with the gypsy ensemble of Miklos Hoszu, a cymbalist who had fled his country during the Hungarian resurrection of 1956. He finally arrived in Antwerp where he opened a restaurant just opposite the opera house. He gave me my first violin lessons. Later on I got teachings from Jancsi Hoszu, the primasj of that band”.

Some years later Nick got a proper classical training with Dejan Mijajev, then a docent at the Antwerp conservatory.
“The so called gypsy swing jazz of Django Reinhardt is still one of my favourite musical styles. Its a mixture of many influences wherein rhythm, syncope and improvisation play a very important role. This musical style is very accessible for us Westerners because of strong American Jazz influences from the twenties and the thirties.
The authentic gypsymusic from Transsylvania for instance is much less accessible for us due to the use of quarter tones that do not exist in our tempered tone system and the impair metrics/ measures such as 5/8, 7/8; 9/8, etc.”


A long tradition

In Hungary and the surrounding Central European countries, gypsy bands have a long tradition in livening up parties and celebrations. The music that is played is always meant to please audiences, make people sing and dance or just entertain them gently during diner. This implicates that a lot of musical styles will be brought in harmony with the wishes and musical taste of the audience present.
With the gypsy trio PIROSKA we want to uphold and continue this tradition.

The musical excerpts

The musical excerpts were mostly recorded live during parties and concerts. No studio tricks were added.  This way the recordings enable the listener to get a proper idea of how the band may sound in live party conditions. (wyhiwyg)

The Jazz combo AMARO SWING

For Gypsy Jazz lovers (as played by Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli) we have “AMARO SWING” , a typical Hot Jazz band with guitar. 
Can be booked as a trio (without accordion) or as 4-tet (with a second guitar).

We performed at:

Alta Ripa I en II
Abdij van Nizelles
Amsterdams Carré
Bossenstein golf & poloclub (Broechem)
Brugmann (Forest)
Brussels Hilton
Le Plaza Brussels
Cannes Mipim  (world’s leading property market)
Conrad Hotel
Casino van Oostende
Casino van Koksijde
CC St Pieters Woluwe
Château Bayard  (Eghezée)
Château de Jemeppe (Hargimont)
Château de la Rocq (Arquennes)
Château de Modave
Château de Petit-Leez (Gembloux)
Château Dubiez (Pecq)
Château de Deulin (Fronville)
Château du Mylord (Ellezelles)
Château de Rouveroy


Cruiseship “The World”
De “Night of the Proms” (VIP tent)
De Montil (Affligem)
Domaine de la Chartreuse (Gosnay, France)
l’Hermitage Gantois (Lille)
Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam
Kasteel De Wittenburg  (Wassenaar)
Kasteel de Hoogenweerth (Maastricht)
Kasteel van Heers (’t Witfeest)
Kasteel van Rhoon (NL)
Kasteel van Ruysbroek
Kasteel van Brasschaat
Kasteel van Moerkerke
Kasteel van Saffelaere
Koningin Elisabethzaal (Antwerpen)
Mariadal Brasserie
ProefMei Cultureel Culinair festival (Bergen op Zoom)
Salons De Groene Jager (Brasschaat)
Salons De Marquette
San Marco Village (Schelle)
Serviceclubs: Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary …
Thermae Palace  (Oostende)